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What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

We have all experienced fears, thoughts, behaviours or emotions that we know are irrational or inappropriate, and yet we still do it no matter how hard we try to resist. Logic may rule our conscious mind but it is the unconscious mind that is often controlloing the way we think, act and behave. The unconscious mind does not distinguish what is real or unreal, it accepts every input that comes its way as reality. Cognitive hypnotherapy seeks to make changes in the patterns of behaviour at the unconscious level which may lead to changing or eradicating irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and emotions.

Who can be hypnotised?

The answer to this question is undoubtedly "virtually everyone". This claim must, however, be qualified by the observation that some are more readily hypnotisable than others and that it will also depend upon the individual's willingness to be hypnotised at the time. This willingness will itself depend upon a number of factors, not least of which will be the strength of the person's particular need and their trust and confidence in the therapist concerned.

What if I don't wake up?

Trance is a naturally occurring phenomenon that we move in and out of every day. If you were left in an induced trance, you would either fall asleep and wake up naturally, or get bored and leave!

What if I decide that hypnotherapy is not for me?

If after your first appointment (where we discuss your issue and I explain how I think we can work together to resolve it), you decide that Hypnotherapy isn’t the direction that you’d like to take, then you are under no obligation to continue treatments with me. You could also book a 1/2 hour free consulation with me at Health Zone for no charge and no obligation.

How many sessions will I need?

I follow the principle of brief therapy – that is, I will try to help you resolve the issue that is troubling you in the shortest time possible, whilst still adhering to the exceptionally high standards of the NCH and myself. This is to help keep costs down for you as the client, and significantly increases the chance that you can sustain any changes you make by yourself, without becoming dependent on ongoing/long term treatment. I do not ask you to sign up for a certain number of sessions from the beginning – we simply book them week by week until you feel you have resolved the issue.






















"Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy." Lao Tzu